Jason Goodstriker

We were deeply saddened by the passing of Jason Goodstriker on January 15, 2020. This unfortunate news came after a truly inspiring day in Slave Lake, where our company hosted an Indigenous Hockey clinic for local children within the region.  Jason, true to his nature, interacted with everyone involved, bringing our different cultures, families and industry together.

Jason was well known for his amazing stories, inspiring and infectious laughter.  He was immensely proud of his indigenous heritage yet embraced the opportunities afforded by the energy industry to improve the welfare of his people and the province of Alberta.

In honour of Jason’s contributions Total is instituting an annual Jason Goodstriker Memorial Hockey Clinic for Indigenous Children, to remember Jason and to celebrate his life and spirit.

We are truly sad that he has left us but honored he was able to become our friend and colleague.

Rest in Peace Ootsimiohkitopi.